Tony Ashton & Friends – Live at Abbey Road 2000

August 25, 2006

CD/DVD: Tony Ashton & FriendsEndangered Spieces. Live at Abbey Road 2000 (August 2006, T2 Media)

The idea for this special and unique evening came from Jon Lord and Pete York, and it was held at Abbey Road Studio One in London to show support for their friend Tony Ashton. The CD edition (which has a special booklet with pictures from the gig) includes a great three track set from Tony Ashton and friends, a six track set from the old Whitesnake wrecking crew (minus David Coverdale), including a stripped down version of “Here I Go Again” done by just Bernie and Jon, and a track from Who man John Entwistle. Perhaps the most unique feature of the CD is the first and only Paice Ashton Lord reunion, right down to the brass and female backing singers. Sadly the event turned out to be Tony’s last night of rock and roll – he died just a year later. This release has been mixed from recordings made by the legendary Geoff Emerick (who engineered The Beatles) and prepared with the full co-operation of his wife Sandra – a great souvenir of what was a very enjoyable and moving occasion. Details at

CD artwork

The CD is now available and can be obtained at,,,,, and at

DVD: Paice/Ashton/LordLive In London (2006, T2 Media)

The DVD comprises the only filmed live performance of PAL in London ’77 plus contemporary documentary – “Lifespan”. Details at

CD: Hoochie Coochie MenNew Studio Album (2006/2007)

Jon Lord guests on most of the tracks from the new HCM album. He recorded his parts in July in London. Details at

CD: Jon LordNew Studio Album (2006/2007)

It is yet to be confirmed whether JL’s new regular studio album will be released this year or the next. No details have been yet announced.

CD: Boom Of The Tingling Strings & Disguises by Jon Lord (2007, EMI Classics)

EMI Classics will record both works in the second week of Dec 2006 for release in 2007. Jon Lord won’t be playing on the album.


Lyrics #1 – “Concerto” & “Gemini Suite”

August 23, 2006

Some of you asked for the lyrics. I’ll try to sort them all out and paste them down here. If you find any mistakes, please let me know. I’ll start with the obvious ones 😉

Concerto For Group And Orchestra – Second Movement

How can I see when the light is gone out?
How can I hear when you speak so silently?
More than enough is never too much
Hold out a hand I’m so out of touch

Do unto me as your heart would have you do
Words in my head can I get the message through?
Sword in my hand can cut through the wood
Peace in my heart can soften the mood

What shall I do when they stand smiling at me?
Look at the floor and be oh, so cool
Oh, so cool?

How shall I know when to start singing my song?
What shall I do if they all go wrong?
What shall I do?

What shall I do when they stand laughing at me?
Walk through the door and be oh so cool?

How shall I know when to stop singing my song?
What shall I do when it all goes wrong?

(c) HEC Ent.

Gemini Suite – Second Movement

All I wish,
That I wasn’t here,
Don’t you know?
I’ve got a rotten feeling,
Of dizzy heights,
It’s what they want to know,
Oh, well here I go,
Oh, what a funny show.

Take my time,
It’s the odds that count,
Who am I?
What a silly sound,
Hold my breath,
Talk of sudden death,
Rhyme and reason must prevail,
I need a glass of ale.

Still I’ve a got a feeling now,
No need for me to tell you how,
It’s kind of easy now,
Woh-oh like rock’n’roll.

Boogaloo and now I feel alright,
It’s funky and it’s out of sight,
Feeling good, feeling right,
It’s gonna be alright.

Now I know where I’m going,
Now I know where it’s at,
Can I treat you alone?

(c) HEC Ent.

Jon Lord guesting on the new HCM album

August 14, 2006

On 19th July in London Jon Lord laid down his keyboard parts for the new Hoochie Coochie Men album, with Bob Daisley on hand, and Darren Schneider at the desk (he’s worked on various Purple releases incl. DP’s “Abandon” and RG’s “Snapshot”). No release date has been yet announced. Hopefully this year.

Jon Lord in London on 19th July recording for the new HCM album. Photo (c) T2 Media

Photo (c) T2 Media

Simon Robinson wrote: The album is rooted in r’n’b, but is mostly new material written by Bob, with a couple of covers. Whilst Jon is obviously my favourite Hammond keyboard player, seeing him at work in the studio showed just how aware of everything he is when doing work like this. A listen to the track to refresh his memory; jotting down some ideas on paper, a run-through on the Hammond, and then a take, followed by a second if necessary and then a retake on parts he felt he could improve on without spoiling the immediacy of the take. Jon should be on most of the album, and was full of enthusiasm for the material.

Other musicians who agreed to contribute include Jimmy Barnes, Ian Gillan and Jeff Duff.

Jon Lord Info online!

August 14, 2006

Welcome to Jon Lord info page, a temporary substitute fot the official Jon Lord website until it’s re-launched. Hopefully I’ll manage to catch up with all the news concerning Jon Lord. Stay tuned for the first updates!