Jon Lord guesting on the new HCM album

On 19th July in London Jon Lord laid down his keyboard parts for the new Hoochie Coochie Men album, with Bob Daisley on hand, and Darren Schneider at the desk (he’s worked on various Purple releases incl. DP’s “Abandon” and RG’s “Snapshot”). No release date has been yet announced. Hopefully this year.

Jon Lord in London on 19th July recording for the new HCM album. Photo (c) T2 Media

Photo (c) T2 Media

Simon Robinson wrote: The album is rooted in r’n’b, but is mostly new material written by Bob, with a couple of covers. Whilst Jon is obviously my favourite Hammond keyboard player, seeing him at work in the studio showed just how aware of everything he is when doing work like this. A listen to the track to refresh his memory; jotting down some ideas on paper, a run-through on the Hammond, and then a take, followed by a second if necessary and then a retake on parts he felt he could improve on without spoiling the immediacy of the take. Jon should be on most of the album, and was full of enthusiasm for the material.

Other musicians who agreed to contribute include Jimmy Barnes, Ian Gillan and Jeff Duff.


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