Lyrics #1 – “Concerto” & “Gemini Suite”

Some of you asked for the lyrics. I’ll try to sort them all out and paste them down here. If you find any mistakes, please let me know. I’ll start with the obvious ones 😉

Concerto For Group And Orchestra – Second Movement

How can I see when the light is gone out?
How can I hear when you speak so silently?
More than enough is never too much
Hold out a hand I’m so out of touch

Do unto me as your heart would have you do
Words in my head can I get the message through?
Sword in my hand can cut through the wood
Peace in my heart can soften the mood

What shall I do when they stand smiling at me?
Look at the floor and be oh, so cool
Oh, so cool?

How shall I know when to start singing my song?
What shall I do if they all go wrong?
What shall I do?

What shall I do when they stand laughing at me?
Walk through the door and be oh so cool?

How shall I know when to stop singing my song?
What shall I do when it all goes wrong?

(c) HEC Ent.

Gemini Suite – Second Movement

All I wish,
That I wasn’t here,
Don’t you know?
I’ve got a rotten feeling,
Of dizzy heights,
It’s what they want to know,
Oh, well here I go,
Oh, what a funny show.

Take my time,
It’s the odds that count,
Who am I?
What a silly sound,
Hold my breath,
Talk of sudden death,
Rhyme and reason must prevail,
I need a glass of ale.

Still I’ve a got a feeling now,
No need for me to tell you how,
It’s kind of easy now,
Woh-oh like rock’n’roll.

Boogaloo and now I feel alright,
It’s funky and it’s out of sight,
Feeling good, feeling right,
It’s gonna be alright.

Now I know where I’m going,
Now I know where it’s at,
Can I treat you alone?

(c) HEC Ent.


5 Responses to Lyrics #1 – “Concerto” & “Gemini Suite”

  1. Hammond Avatar says:

    The lyrics from Before I Forget and the sung part from Windows (Gemini) are quite difficult, I´d say impossible to be found!

  2. Hammond Avatar says:

    Sixtynine, did you check our Inbox at DPfanforum?

  3. Hammond Avatar says:

    err…YOUR Inbox, not OUR….

  4. sixtynine says:

    Will do it later today, thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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