The Artwoods (1963/64-67)

September 28, 2006

The Artwoods

The Artwoods were every bit the rivals of such bands as The Animals and The Spencer Davis Group, but never saw the success as a recording act that either of them enjoyed. Rather, their following was confined to the clubs they played, despite releasing a half-dozen singles and an LP during their four years together. Jon Lord’s organ playing was one of the trademarks of the band. No one had such a massive sound at that time. The Artwoods disbanded in 1967 just to surface for a very short stint as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

“Art Gallery” (Decca, 1966)
The only studio LP by Artwoods in the 60s.

“Jazz in Jeans” (Decca, 1967)
The only EP released by the Artwoods.

“100 Oxford Street” (Edsel, 1983)
The first official compilation.

“Singles A’s & B’s” (Repertoire, 2000)
Singles compilation.

The Artwoods lineups

1963-64 (as The Art Wood Combo)
A. Wood (voc), J. Lord (org), D. Griffith (gtr), M. Poole (bs), R. Dunnage (dr)

1964-67 (as The Artwoods)
A. Wood (voc), J. Lord (org), D. Griffith (gtr), M. Poole (bs), K. Hartley (dr) replaced by C. Martin (in 1967)

1967 (as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre)
A. Wood (voc), J. Lord (org), D. Griffith (gtr), M. Poole (bs), C. Martin (dr)


Sir Malcolm Arnold dies at 84

September 24, 2006

Photo by John P. Blake

Sir Malcolm Arnold’s output was prolific, including symphonies, concertos, ballet music and more than a hundred film scores.

But while some regarded him as one of the pre-eminent composers of his generation, others saw him as superficial and flippant.

The youngest of five children from a prosperous Northampton family of shoemakers, Malcolm Arnold was a rebellious teenager who was attracted to the creative freedom of jazz.

After seeing Louis Armstrong play in Bournemouth, he took up the trumpet, and at 17, won a scholarship at the Royal College of Music.

By 1943, he was a principal trumpeter with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and, throughout his life, he retained a love of music for brass.

Malcolm Arnold was given exemption from the armed forces during World War II, but his desire to serve became compelling after the death of his brother in the RAF.

However, he was turned down by the parachute regiment and then by the Navy.
When he was finally put into the infantry, he likened it to being relegated from principal trumpeter at the London Philharmonic to performing in a bus band. He ensured his return to civvy street by shooting himself in the foot.

By 1943, his gifts as a composer became apparent when he wrote the overture Beckus the Dandipratt. He followed it with a horn concerto in 1945, a symphony for strings and, in 1948, a clarinet concerto.

Film scores

He then turned mainly to composing, his first symphony being performed in 1950. Three years later, he wrote a Coronation ballet, Homage to the Queen, which was premiered at Covent Garden.

Malcolm Arnold developed a style of music that had a general appeal without being banal. His growing reputation brought him many commissions including film scores.

Among them were Whistle Down the Wind, The Inn of the Sixth Happiness and the Bridge over the River Kwai.
Arnold’s private life grew turbulent

The latter won him an Oscar for his brilliant counterpoint melody to the Colonel Bogie march.

In the 1960s, following the breakdown of his marriage, Malcolm Arnold moved to Cornwall with his second wife. By the end of the 1970s though, his life degenerated into alcoholism. It ruined his second marriage.

By 1978, he had written eight symphonies, but his Ninth took several years to complete. Indeed, his life might have ended too but for the loving care of a friend, Anthony Day, to whom his Ninth Symphony is dedicated.

He was knighted in 1993.

Sir Malcolm Arnold’s unpretentious music was almost invariably appreciated by performers and audiences alike. He said he wanted to be remembered as an honest composer.

Whitesnake with JL (1978-1984)

September 23, 2006

Jon Lord joined Whitesnake in August 1978 halfway into recording the band’s debut album. He left the group in April 1984 for a reunion of Deep Purple. Whitesnake toured extensively. Jon Lord’s playing was always a highlight of the show. A number of singles was released during this period, the band also appeared on TV numerous times. JL usually regards the six years spent in Whitesnake as “holidays”, and always says many warm words about this period of his life.


“Trouble” (EMI, Oct 1978)
“Love Hunter” (EMI, Oct 1979)
“Live at Hammersmith” (March 1980, Japan only)

D. Coverdale (voc), B. Marsden (gtr/voc), M. Moody (gtr), N. Murray (bs), D. Dowle (dr), J. Lord (kbds). Produced by Martin Birch.

“Ready An’ Willing” (Liberty, March 1980)
“Live… in the Heart of the City” (Liberty, October 1980)
“Come An’ Get It” (Liberty, April 1981)
“Saints & Sinners” (Liberty, Nov 1982)

D. Coverdale (voc), B. Marsden (gtr/voc), M. Moody (gtr), N. Murray (bs), I. Paice (dr), J. Lord (kbds). Produced by Martin Birch.

“Slide It In” (Liberty, April 1984)

D. Coverdale (voc), M. Galley (gtr), M. Moody (gtr), N. Murray (bs), C. Powell (dr), J. Lord (kbds). Produced by Martin Birch.

Jon Lord DVDs

September 21, 2006

“Beyond The Notes Live” (2004, EMI)

Recorded live in Koln on 5th October 2004, with Miller Anderson, Frida, Trondheim Soloists and the Gemini Band. Special features include the “behind the scenes” footage and a long interview with JL.

“Jon Lord – With Pictures” (2003, EMI)

A 90-minute interview special with JL and Paul Mann recorded during JL’s visit in Australia in early 2003. JL talks about leaving Deep Purple, current projects and future plans. The special includes very interesting archival stuff from the 1999 Concerto rehearsals and performance of Concerto in Australia with the band George.

“Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie Men feat. Jimmy Barnes Live at the Basement” (2003, T2 Media)

Recorded live in Sydney on 7th Feb 2003. Great concert with JL playing classic blues tunes and squeezing the hammond inside out. Special features include the group’s appearance on “The Fat” Australian TV show.


Paice/Ashton/Lord – “Live in London” (2006, T2 Media)

The only recorded concert of PAL in London ’77 plus a contemporary special “Lifespan” about the making of the album.

Tony Ashton & Friends – “Live at Abbey Road 2000” (2006, T2 Media)

Recorded live in 2000, featuring the only reunion performance by classic Whitesnake (minus DC) and classic PAL (minus P. Martinez).

Deep Purple – “Live at Montreux ’96” (2006)

Recorded live in 1996.

Deep Purple – “Live in Denmark ’72” (2005)

Remastered edition with Hofstra ’73 footage as bonus feature.

Deep Purple – “California Jam ’74” (2005)

Remastered edition with bonus footage from the biggest concert DP has ever taken part in.

Various Artists – “50 Jahre Rock” (2004)

Recording of a special concert organised by ZDF in April 2004. JL played with the Soulmates in “SOTW”.

Deep Purple – “Heavy Metal Pioneers” (2003, WEA)

Original TV special from 1991, featuring interviews with most of the DP members.

Deep Purple – “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” (2002)

Original recording from 1969 featuring brand new audio commentary by JL.

Deep Purple – “Perihelion” (2002, Thames/Thompson)

Recorded live in Florida, June 2001. JL’s last official release as a member of DP.

Deep Purple – “Come Hell or High Water” (2001, BMG)

Live concert and rockumentary from 1993. Originally released in 1994.

Deep Purple – “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” (2000, Eagle)

Recorded live in Sep 1999, the revised version of “Concerto”.

Deep Purple – “New, Live & Rare” (2000, Thames/Thompson)

The videos collection 1984-2000.

Deep Purple – “Around the World” (2000, Thames/Thompson)

Selected live videos 1995-2000.

Deep Purple – “Bombay Calling” (2000, Thames/Thompson)

Live in India 1995. One of the first shows with SM on guitar.

Deep Purple – “Total Abandon” (1999, Thames/Thompson)

Live in Australia, April 1999 plus an interesting rockumentary “A.Band.Down.Under”.

The Sunflower Jam – 14 Sep 2006

September 16, 2006

Name the band...

Paul Weller, Jon Lord, Robert Plant, Ian Paice

Jacky Paice, Frida, Vicky Lord at the Sunflower Jam. Photo by Fin Costello

The Sunflower Jam

This unique event was held on 14th September 2006 in aid of the Complementary Therapy Team working within cancer services at University College London Hospital (UCLH) working with children, young people and adults with cancer. It costs £5000 per year for one therapist to work for one day a week on the wards with the patients, their families and the staff.

This special evening, organised by Jacky Paice, was to raise awareness and money and all proceeds from this event will go to The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust for more therapists to work in this important area by providing emotional and physical support, both within the Acute Cancer Care Unit and Outpatient’s Department, supporting patients from diagnosis to journeys end. Details at:

Both Ian Paice and Jon Lord have visited the children undergoing treatments and receiving therapies to see for themselves the integrated care and facilities at the hospital. As a result of these visits the idea of this fundraising evening was born. With support from HRH The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health, which aims to facilitate the development of safe, effective and efficient forms of healthcare by encouraging conventional and complementary practitioners to work together to promote a holistic approach for the individual and some great names already on board the evening will consist of a sit down meal, auction and raffle finishing with a one off musical jam!

There were performances from Robert Plant, Ian Paice, Jon Lord, Paul Weller, Phil Manzanera, Linda Lewis, and Sam Brown supported by a Celebrity House Band including renowned musicians Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens, Margo Buchanan, Nick Fyffe and Bernie Marsden.


Linda Lewis: Sideways Shuffle (Linda Lewis), It’s In His Kiss (Betty Everett & Linda Lewis)

Bernie Marsden: Hush (Deep Purple)
Margo Buchanan: Black Night (Deep Purple)
Sam Brown: Burn (Deep Purple)

Paul Weller: Say You Don’t Mind (Denny Lane version), Never Found A Girl (Eddie Floyd), Feeling Alright (Joe Cocker)

Robert Plant: I’m Your Witchdoctor (John Mayall), What Is And What Should Never Be (Led Zeppelin), Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley), Crawling Up A Hill (John Mayall), For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield), Ramble On (Led Zeppelin), Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin)

The Sunflower Jam: Help Me (Sonny Boy Williamson)

Smiler6 was at the Sunflower Jam, here’s what he wrote at the Highway Star forum about the event:

“I was lucky enough to be there. After the first two numbers with Linda Lewis, Jon Lord came on and the band (including Paice, Bernie Marsden, another keyboardist, percussionist and bassist plus three backing singers of which one was Sam Brown) launched into Hush, sung rather well by Bernie. A woman singer then gave us Black Night and Sam Brown then sang “Burn”. This, for me, was when it started getting surreal and dreamy. Paul Weller then came on and performed three covers (he was great and his voice went well with the old hammond sound). He was then replaced by Robert Plant who did the best part of an hour. It was… incredible. To be honest a lineup of Plant, Marsden, Lord and Paice would be a wonderful band and this performance proved it. They sounded incredible. A supergroup who was meant to be!!! I hope it gets repeated… somewhere! The encore saw Paul Weller join the band for one last number. Classic. Some grainy pics are at”

You can also read Mark Smith’s review of the show at

Plus one more photo:



Tour Dates 1974-2006 by MerlinKing

September 15, 2006

MerlinKing has kindly sent me a list of shows, setlists and lineups for all of JL’s concerts from the years 1974-2006. He promised to help even more. Much appreaciated! If you find anymistakes or would like to correct any information, LET ME KNOW!

“First Of The Big Bands” Live 1974

12 Sep – England, London

J. Lord (Organ, Piano), T. Ashton (Organ, Piano, Vocals), I. Paice (drums), P. Donaldson (Bass), C. Appice (Drums), J. Gragan (Guitar), R. Fenwick (Guitar), D. Cornell (Trumpet), M. Davis (Trumpet), H. Casey (Sax), D. Parry (Sax), G. Dolby (Sax), J. Mumford (Trombone), M. Middleton (Electric Piano) and M. Bell, G. White, K. Bone, T. Ferguson, R. Willis (B. Vocals)

1. We’re Gonna Make It
2. I’ve Been Lonely
3. Silly Boy
4. The Jam
5. Downside Upside Down
6. Shut Up
7. Ballad Of Mr Giver
8. Celebration
9. The Ressurection Shuffle

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1982

Ch. Farlowe (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bs), J. Lord (kbr), P. York (drm) and others.

29 Sep – Germany, Berlin

1.Intro/ Motorboat
2. Watch The River Flow
3. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
4. Bass Solo/ Mississipi Delta Blues
5. Sincussion/ Drumsolo
6. Compared To What
7. Take Me On The Road
8. Never Loved A Woman
9. It’s Gonna Rain Today
10. Walk On The Wild Side
11. Stormy Monday Blues

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1989

14 October – Germany, Linz
17 October – Germany, Stuttgart
27 October – Germany, Krefeld
30 October – Germany, Dortmund
?? October – Germany, Hannover

M. Anderson (vcl), T. Ashton (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bs), J. Lord (kbr), Z. Money (vcl), P. York (drm)

1. Intro
2. Chicken Shack
3. Sunshine Of Your Love
4. Let The Good Times Roll
5. One Room Country Shack
6. Tamp ‘em up Sally
7. Bass Solo
8. Ain’t Nothin…
9. Big Time Operator
10. Watch Your Step
11. Green Onions –Organ Solo
12. The Big
13. Promised Land’
14. It’s Weird
15. Going Back To Wuppertal
16. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
17. Barefootin’
18. Gimme Some Lovin’
19. I’m A Man
20. Resurection Shuffle
21. Lucille

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1990

14 August – Germany, Nurnberg

M. Anderson (vcl), T. Ashton (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bss), J. Lord (kbr), P. York (drm). Possibly Ashton was replaced by someone at this particular gig.

Jon Lord & Friends 1994

13 August – Switzerland, Thun

1. Hollywood Rock N Roll
2. Before I Forget
3. With A Little Love
4. Burntwood
5. Fog On The Highway
6. Mama, don’t take that train
7. Bach Onto This
8. Gemini Suite Excerpts
9. Where Are You?
10. Bouree
11. Say It’s Alright
12. Smoke On The Water

M. Anderson (gtr), W. Dahlheimer (kbr), J. Lord (kbr), P. York (drm), another keyboardist, a bass-player, three female back-up vocalists plus a string ensemble.

Jon Lord & The Gemini Band 1995

6 July – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
8 July – Germany, Stuttgart

J. Lord (kbr), M. Anderson (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bss), P. York (drm) and a few others.

1. Before I Forget
2. Hollywood Rock N Roll
3. Burntwood
4. Love Me Like A Man
5. Bass Solo/When I Woke Up Monday Morning
6. Bass Solo
7. That´s Why We Sing The Blues
8. Mama, don´t take that train
9. Bach Onto This
10. Green Onions
11. Gemini Suite – Vocals
12. Gemini Suite – Finale
13. Where Are You
14. Say It´s Allright
15. Smoke On The Water

JL live 1999

“Pictured Within” Tour 1999

16 May – Germany, Luxembourg
18 May – Germany, Stuttgart
19 May – Germany, Koln
20 May – Germany, Berlin
21 May – Germany, Halle
24 May – Germany, Munchen

J. Lord (piano), D. Muller (kbds, voc), M. Doepke (kbds), H. McRobbie (gtr, voc), M. Andragona (dr, perc, voc), I. Stock (Hobo, Cor Anglais, Blokfluit), R. Wartenberg and D. Anka (violin), D. Crisan (viola), H. Kur (cello), S. Brown (voc, perc, piano), C. Fontaine (djembe, voc)

1. Sunrise
2. Pictured Within
3. From The Windmill
4. Evening Song
5. Sarabande
6. Crystal Spa
7. A Different Sky
8. Breathe In Life
9. Before I Forget
10. The Dream
11. Where Are You?
12. Unsquared Dance
13. Music For Miriam
14. Wait A While
15. Gigue
16. Stop
17. Bouree

Jon Lord & Friends 2003

Jan – Australia

21-23. Sydney (Concerto performance with band “George”)
25/26. Sydney (Concerto)

Feb – Australia
6. Melbourne (With Hoochie Coochie Men)
7. Sydney (With HCM)
14. Coolum (With HCM)
15. Brisbane (Boom Of The Tinglin Strings)

Jon did not play, but was there as the composer.

March – Australia
1/2. Perth (Concerto)

May – Luxembourg
31. Luxembourg (Boom Of The Tinglin Strings)

Jon did not play, but was there as the composer.

Sep – Norway
13. Hell
14. Trondheim

— 2004 —
May – Norway
23. Bergen

June – Germany
12. Halle

Sep – Norway
9. Hell
29. St. Wendel

Oct – Germany
5. Koln (Dvd Shoot Beyond The Notes)

Plus TV appearances on German TV.


Feb – Germany/Holland

6. Munchen
7. Stuttgart
8. Aschaffenburg
9. Hannover
10. Tilburg
12. Hamburg
13. Berlin

Jon Lord :Grand Piano; Organ
Matthias Kraus :Keyboards
Paul Shigihara :Guitars
Urs Fuchs :Bass & Double Bass
Bert Smaak : Drums
Mario Argandona : Percussion; Vocals; Guitars
Miller Anderson :Vocals; Guitar
Sabine van Baaren :Vocals
Susanne Heitmann :Flute; Klarinet
Trondheim Soloists (only in Koln 2004)
-Sunrise/ Pictured Within
-De Profundis
-One From The Meadow

-A Smile When I Shook His Hands
-Cologne Again
-I’ll Send You A Postcard
-Unsquared Dance
-November Calls
-The Teleman Experiment

-Fog On The Highway (Miller Anderson Song)

— 2006 —
22. Zermatt (charity concert)
7. Henley (Concerto)

-One From The Meadow
-Concerto For Group N Orchetra
Movement I
Movement II
Movement III
3 min of Movement III

The Band:
Jon Lord : Piano; Organ
Philip Niessen :Guitars
Urs Fuchs : Bass
Wolf Simon : Drums
Mario Argandona : Percussion
Mascha Elstner :Vocals
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

“Sarabande” reissue

September 3, 2006

DPAS informs that Jon Lord’s “Sarabande” album is finally getting reinstated to the Purple Records catalogue after being out of print for a couple of years. The artwork has had to be redone due to the loss of files at the pressing plant but the changes are not huge. The music remains the same. The album is thirty years old this year and remains one of Jon’s most popular works. You can pre-order at the dpas online store, who expect copies towards the end of September.