Tour Dates 1974-2006 by MerlinKing

MerlinKing has kindly sent me a list of shows, setlists and lineups for all of JL’s concerts from the years 1974-2006. He promised to help even more. Much appreaciated! If you find anymistakes or would like to correct any information, LET ME KNOW!

“First Of The Big Bands” Live 1974

12 Sep – England, London

J. Lord (Organ, Piano), T. Ashton (Organ, Piano, Vocals), I. Paice (drums), P. Donaldson (Bass), C. Appice (Drums), J. Gragan (Guitar), R. Fenwick (Guitar), D. Cornell (Trumpet), M. Davis (Trumpet), H. Casey (Sax), D. Parry (Sax), G. Dolby (Sax), J. Mumford (Trombone), M. Middleton (Electric Piano) and M. Bell, G. White, K. Bone, T. Ferguson, R. Willis (B. Vocals)

1. We’re Gonna Make It
2. I’ve Been Lonely
3. Silly Boy
4. The Jam
5. Downside Upside Down
6. Shut Up
7. Ballad Of Mr Giver
8. Celebration
9. The Ressurection Shuffle

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1982

Ch. Farlowe (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bs), J. Lord (kbr), P. York (drm) and others.

29 Sep – Germany, Berlin

1.Intro/ Motorboat
2. Watch The River Flow
3. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
4. Bass Solo/ Mississipi Delta Blues
5. Sincussion/ Drumsolo
6. Compared To What
7. Take Me On The Road
8. Never Loved A Woman
9. It’s Gonna Rain Today
10. Walk On The Wild Side
11. Stormy Monday Blues

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1989

14 October – Germany, Linz
17 October – Germany, Stuttgart
27 October – Germany, Krefeld
30 October – Germany, Dortmund
?? October – Germany, Hannover

M. Anderson (vcl), T. Ashton (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bs), J. Lord (kbr), Z. Money (vcl), P. York (drm)

1. Intro
2. Chicken Shack
3. Sunshine Of Your Love
4. Let The Good Times Roll
5. One Room Country Shack
6. Tamp ‘em up Sally
7. Bass Solo
8. Ain’t Nothin…
9. Big Time Operator
10. Watch Your Step
11. Green Onions –Organ Solo
12. The Big
13. Promised Land’
14. It’s Weird
15. Going Back To Wuppertal
16. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
17. Barefootin’
18. Gimme Some Lovin’
19. I’m A Man
20. Resurection Shuffle
21. Lucille

Olympic Rock & Blues Circus 1990

14 August – Germany, Nurnberg

M. Anderson (vcl), T. Ashton (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bss), J. Lord (kbr), P. York (drm). Possibly Ashton was replaced by someone at this particular gig.

Jon Lord & Friends 1994

13 August – Switzerland, Thun

1. Hollywood Rock N Roll
2. Before I Forget
3. With A Little Love
4. Burntwood
5. Fog On The Highway
6. Mama, don’t take that train
7. Bach Onto This
8. Gemini Suite Excerpts
9. Where Are You?
10. Bouree
11. Say It’s Alright
12. Smoke On The Water

M. Anderson (gtr), W. Dahlheimer (kbr), J. Lord (kbr), P. York (drm), another keyboardist, a bass-player, three female back-up vocalists plus a string ensemble.

Jon Lord & The Gemini Band 1995

6 July – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
8 July – Germany, Stuttgart

J. Lord (kbr), M. Anderson (vcl), C. Hodgkinson (bss), P. York (drm) and a few others.

1. Before I Forget
2. Hollywood Rock N Roll
3. Burntwood
4. Love Me Like A Man
5. Bass Solo/When I Woke Up Monday Morning
6. Bass Solo
7. That´s Why We Sing The Blues
8. Mama, don´t take that train
9. Bach Onto This
10. Green Onions
11. Gemini Suite – Vocals
12. Gemini Suite – Finale
13. Where Are You
14. Say It´s Allright
15. Smoke On The Water

JL live 1999

“Pictured Within” Tour 1999

16 May – Germany, Luxembourg
18 May – Germany, Stuttgart
19 May – Germany, Koln
20 May – Germany, Berlin
21 May – Germany, Halle
24 May – Germany, Munchen

J. Lord (piano), D. Muller (kbds, voc), M. Doepke (kbds), H. McRobbie (gtr, voc), M. Andragona (dr, perc, voc), I. Stock (Hobo, Cor Anglais, Blokfluit), R. Wartenberg and D. Anka (violin), D. Crisan (viola), H. Kur (cello), S. Brown (voc, perc, piano), C. Fontaine (djembe, voc)

1. Sunrise
2. Pictured Within
3. From The Windmill
4. Evening Song
5. Sarabande
6. Crystal Spa
7. A Different Sky
8. Breathe In Life
9. Before I Forget
10. The Dream
11. Where Are You?
12. Unsquared Dance
13. Music For Miriam
14. Wait A While
15. Gigue
16. Stop
17. Bouree

Jon Lord & Friends 2003

Jan – Australia

21-23. Sydney (Concerto performance with band “George”)
25/26. Sydney (Concerto)

Feb – Australia
6. Melbourne (With Hoochie Coochie Men)
7. Sydney (With HCM)
14. Coolum (With HCM)
15. Brisbane (Boom Of The Tinglin Strings)

Jon did not play, but was there as the composer.

March – Australia
1/2. Perth (Concerto)

May – Luxembourg
31. Luxembourg (Boom Of The Tinglin Strings)

Jon did not play, but was there as the composer.

Sep – Norway
13. Hell
14. Trondheim

— 2004 —
May – Norway
23. Bergen

June – Germany
12. Halle

Sep – Norway
9. Hell
29. St. Wendel

Oct – Germany
5. Koln (Dvd Shoot Beyond The Notes)

Plus TV appearances on German TV.


Feb – Germany/Holland

6. Munchen
7. Stuttgart
8. Aschaffenburg
9. Hannover
10. Tilburg
12. Hamburg
13. Berlin

Jon Lord :Grand Piano; Organ
Matthias Kraus :Keyboards
Paul Shigihara :Guitars
Urs Fuchs :Bass & Double Bass
Bert Smaak : Drums
Mario Argandona : Percussion; Vocals; Guitars
Miller Anderson :Vocals; Guitar
Sabine van Baaren :Vocals
Susanne Heitmann :Flute; Klarinet
Trondheim Soloists (only in Koln 2004)
-Sunrise/ Pictured Within
-De Profundis
-One From The Meadow

-A Smile When I Shook His Hands
-Cologne Again
-I’ll Send You A Postcard
-Unsquared Dance
-November Calls
-The Teleman Experiment

-Fog On The Highway (Miller Anderson Song)

— 2006 —
22. Zermatt (charity concert)
7. Henley (Concerto)

-One From The Meadow
-Concerto For Group N Orchetra
Movement I
Movement II
Movement III
3 min of Movement III

The Band:
Jon Lord : Piano; Organ
Philip Niessen :Guitars
Urs Fuchs : Bass
Wolf Simon : Drums
Mario Argandona : Percussion
Mascha Elstner :Vocals
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra


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  2. Gerriet says:

    On the 1989 Olympic Rock&Blues Circus tour, there was also a gig in Hannover, Germany with the named lineup, but I can’t recall the date. Miller Anderson also played guitar.

  3. Ulli Heidelberg says:


    can you tell me the tour dates of the Gemini Orchestra for Germany in the next future?

    Best wishes from Düsseldorf!

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  18. Sally Creamcheese says:

    On the Olympic Rock & Blues Circus gig on 14th August 1990 at the Serenadenhof in Nuremberg Tony Ashton was replaced by Chris Farlowe. It was a remarkable show!

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