Jon Lord DVDs

“Beyond The Notes Live” (2004, EMI)

Recorded live in Koln on 5th October 2004, with Miller Anderson, Frida, Trondheim Soloists and the Gemini Band. Special features include the “behind the scenes” footage and a long interview with JL.

“Jon Lord – With Pictures” (2003, EMI)

A 90-minute interview special with JL and Paul Mann recorded during JL’s visit in Australia in early 2003. JL talks about leaving Deep Purple, current projects and future plans. The special includes very interesting archival stuff from the 1999 Concerto rehearsals and performance of Concerto in Australia with the band George.

“Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie Men feat. Jimmy Barnes Live at the Basement” (2003, T2 Media)

Recorded live in Sydney on 7th Feb 2003. Great concert with JL playing classic blues tunes and squeezing the hammond inside out. Special features include the group’s appearance on “The Fat” Australian TV show.


Paice/Ashton/Lord – “Live in London” (2006, T2 Media)

The only recorded concert of PAL in London ’77 plus a contemporary special “Lifespan” about the making of the album.

Tony Ashton & Friends – “Live at Abbey Road 2000” (2006, T2 Media)

Recorded live in 2000, featuring the only reunion performance by classic Whitesnake (minus DC) and classic PAL (minus P. Martinez).

Deep Purple – “Live at Montreux ’96” (2006)

Recorded live in 1996.

Deep Purple – “Live in Denmark ’72” (2005)

Remastered edition with Hofstra ’73 footage as bonus feature.

Deep Purple – “California Jam ’74” (2005)

Remastered edition with bonus footage from the biggest concert DP has ever taken part in.

Various Artists – “50 Jahre Rock” (2004)

Recording of a special concert organised by ZDF in April 2004. JL played with the Soulmates in “SOTW”.

Deep Purple – “Heavy Metal Pioneers” (2003, WEA)

Original TV special from 1991, featuring interviews with most of the DP members.

Deep Purple – “Concerto for Group and Orchestra” (2002)

Original recording from 1969 featuring brand new audio commentary by JL.

Deep Purple – “Perihelion” (2002, Thames/Thompson)

Recorded live in Florida, June 2001. JL’s last official release as a member of DP.

Deep Purple – “Come Hell or High Water” (2001, BMG)

Live concert and rockumentary from 1993. Originally released in 1994.

Deep Purple – “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” (2000, Eagle)

Recorded live in Sep 1999, the revised version of “Concerto”.

Deep Purple – “New, Live & Rare” (2000, Thames/Thompson)

The videos collection 1984-2000.

Deep Purple – “Around the World” (2000, Thames/Thompson)

Selected live videos 1995-2000.

Deep Purple – “Bombay Calling” (2000, Thames/Thompson)

Live in India 1995. One of the first shows with SM on guitar.

Deep Purple – “Total Abandon” (1999, Thames/Thompson)

Live in Australia, April 1999 plus an interesting rockumentary “A.Band.Down.Under”.


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    Need desperatly the BTN DVD!

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