Collaborations – Hardin & York

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Following the successful Hardin & York reissue programme of 1994, when RPM transferred to CD the duo’s important original albums, and after the interest these generated – particularly in their former stronghold of Germany – it seemed a natural progression to go on and record something new, hence “Still A Few Pages Left…”, that difficult fourth album. JL joined the cast of the reunited Hardin & York band while recording of the album in 1995. JL has been friends with both Hardin and York for years. They have played together on many occasions.

George Harrison

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George Harrison died in Nov 2001. However, before that, he had almost managed to complete his final solo album – “Brainwashed” – with the help of many friends, including JL who plays the piano on the title track – the great grand finale of the album. “Brainwashed” was released in Nov 2002, year after Harrison’s death and it soon was called one of his best and most accomplished solo efforts ever. “A Smile When I Shook His Hand” from JL’s “Beyond the Notes” album is a song dedicated to the late George Harrison.

Miller Anderson

CD cover

JL joined his old friend Miller Anderson on his third solo album comprising not only blues tunes. JL plays Hammond on three tracks. The album was originally released in June 2003 and it’s rather hard to find. Well, at least I haven’t ever seen it on shelf in any music store.

Maria Arredondo

CD cover

In October 2005, JL helped young Norwegian singer in arranging some of the songs for her Christmas album – “Min Jul” (My Christmas), released in Nov 2005 in Scandinavia. Some sources say he also co-produced the album and maybe even played the piano or one or two songs. If any of the Scandinavian fans have the CD, let us know whether he’s mentioned in the booklet and what’s the album like.


One Response to Collaborations – Hardin & York

  1. Rasmus Heide says:

    “JL joined the cast of the reunited Hardin & York band while recording of the album in 1995.”
    Not entirely correct. The solo Jon contributes to Hardin & York “Still A Few Pages Left” is lifted straight from the live album of Wizard’s Convention and is in fact Jon’s portion of the instrumental he did there with Don Airey. Not exactly the most honest way of featuring Jon.

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