The Artwoods (1963/64-67)

September 28, 2006

The Artwoods

The Artwoods were every bit the rivals of such bands as The Animals and The Spencer Davis Group, but never saw the success as a recording act that either of them enjoyed. Rather, their following was confined to the clubs they played, despite releasing a half-dozen singles and an LP during their four years together. Jon Lord’s organ playing was one of the trademarks of the band. No one had such a massive sound at that time. The Artwoods disbanded in 1967 just to surface for a very short stint as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

“Art Gallery” (Decca, 1966)
The only studio LP by Artwoods in the 60s.

“Jazz in Jeans” (Decca, 1967)
The only EP released by the Artwoods.

“100 Oxford Street” (Edsel, 1983)
The first official compilation.

“Singles A’s & B’s” (Repertoire, 2000)
Singles compilation.

The Artwoods lineups

1963-64 (as The Art Wood Combo)
A. Wood (voc), J. Lord (org), D. Griffith (gtr), M. Poole (bs), R. Dunnage (dr)

1964-67 (as The Artwoods)
A. Wood (voc), J. Lord (org), D. Griffith (gtr), M. Poole (bs), K. Hartley (dr) replaced by C. Martin (in 1967)

1967 (as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre)
A. Wood (voc), J. Lord (org), D. Griffith (gtr), M. Poole (bs), C. Martin (dr)